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Babies come in many shapes and sizes and at The Holly Hill Infant Care Center we LOVE them all!  As parents you want your child to be brought up in an environment filled with love, security, acceptance and guidance.  At Holly Hill, we believe that every baby needs to feel loved and wanted.  Our care givers help every infant to know that they are treasured as the special baby they are.

The Holly Hill provides a healthy, safe, and therapeutic environment for infants six weeks through Twelve months.  Even though total numbers of infants may vary from day-to-day, our rule is always one excellent staff member to four delightful babies and 2 staff memeber to 10 delightful babies..  Our staff work together as a family in order to provide each and every child with the care they need.

Holly Hill entitles your baby to…

  • Hugs whenever needed
  • Bottles and food served with a smile
  • Diapers checked every two hours
  • A warm, clean crib when drowsy
  • Prompt attention when waking
  • Fun toys, music, and playmates
  • Books read, songs sung, dances to dance and stroller rides
  • Baby sign language and
  • A happy and safe home away from home!

At Holly Hill every infant is a unique and wonderful little person.  We respect uniqueness and that is why every infant is on their own personalized schedule.  It is extremely important for parents to be involved in their infant's daily routine at Holly Hill.  Parents should sit down with the Infant Teacher and discuss and plan their child's day.

The infant staff is well trained to meet each baby's different needs throughout the day including annual training in the prevention of SIDS and Shaken Baby Syndrome.  Our staff understand the importance of individualized care for each and every baby.  Over the years parents report they enjoy worry-free work days and happy babies!


Our center has two wonderful classrooms just for toddlers. One classroom is for younger toddlers ages 8 months to 1 Year. The other classroom is for older toddlers ages 1 Year to 18 Months. 

Toddlers are beginning to think through their actions, solve problems and understand language.  They thrive on new experiences, so we provide them with a safe, nurturing environment that allows each child to develop naturally, individually and happily.  Daily progress reports give you information on care routines like eating, napping and diapering.

Our teachers plan a very creative, interactive and fun curriculum for our Toddler Program. It is our goal to expand your child's imagination and help them develop through several different mediums.


  • Music & Movement
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Books & Stories
  • Social & Self Help Skills
  • Dramatic Play
  • Sensory & Fine Motor
  • Cognitive & Language Development
  • Sign Language


Preschool 2

Your two-year old is ready to explore and discover the world around him or her. We spark your two-year old's sense of discovery by providing a colorful, enriching environment that offers a wide variety of educational toys and materials. A fun, safe environment filled with self-directed activities gives your child the independence he or she is so eager to enjoy and helps prepare your child to make the transition into preschool. Because your two-year old is learning words so quickly and beginning to express thoughts, we use activities like reading books aloud, nursery rhymes and songs to expand your child's language skills.

Language and literacy development
• A love of books and sharing stories
• Speaking, listening, and vocabulary development
• Awareness of print and recognition of first name in
• Developmental writing development—beginning to
   mimic letter formation

Math concepts
• Color and shape recognition
• Matching
• Recognizing numbers 1-5

Adventure in Learning and having Fun
Each day, teachers plan guided activities for the children to learn through art projects, blocks, toys, and dramatic play. Children learn to cooperate as a group by participating in Circle Time, Rhythm & Notes , Thumbs Up! (Physical Fitness), and Story Time.


Preschool 3, 4 and Kindergarten

Holly Hill Preschool Program is based upon the belief that Preschoolers need a stimulating atmosphere in which to grow.  Preschool children are excited about learning, and learn best through playful interaction with their environment.  Our Preschool Program actively engages all aspects of each child's development; physical, cognitive, language, social, and emotional.  Our creative, educational, and socially fun curriculum will enable Preschoolers to expand their imaginations, develop their potential, & relate well with others.

Our formal Preschool Program takes place each day in the morning between 8:30 & 11:00, with a coordinating activity planned for every afternoon.  Each classroom has several activities "centers" around the room covering a variety of skills. The children rotate from one activity to another so they have the opportunity to experience each center.  Each activity relates to the theme of the week and is designed to exercise different developmental areas.  Some of the centers incorporate self-directed activities and some will provide teacher-directed small groups.  All centers are carefully monitored.

Each week's lesson plans are carefully designed to incorporate activities that teach concepts in several different areas.  These activities are based on the theme of the week.  The lesson plans are coordinated for all Preschool rooms, but activities may vary and be adapted for age-appropriateness.  We strive to ensure that all major developmental areas are exercised consistently every week.

The lesson plan for the week will be posted in your child's classroom and includes activities for: Circle Time, Cognitive Development, Gross Motor, Dramatic Play, Art, Cooking, Fine Motor Development, and Afternoon Activities.

Enrichment Programs
In addition to the exciting educational themes and curriculum offered daily, Holly Hill also offers the following…

  • Music classes
  • Computer classes
  • Spanish, German and Sign language
  • In-house field trips such as petting zoo’s and pony rides, puppet shows, dramatic presentations and more!
  • Off-site field trips to children’s theatres, skating, museums, zoos, the arboretum, apple orchards and more!
  • Stretch- N Grow
  • Gymnastics
  • Dance Classes
  • Karate Classes



In the past 25 years, After School has grown and evolved, but the basic concept has remained the same.  We are proud of the people who work in our sites and help shape the children we serve.  We are now seeing our original After School kids walk thru the doors to enroll their own children in the program.

Holly Hill Place to Be After School
In our Schoolers Program, teachers provide students with plenty of time for creative expression, sports, technology, and fun, while still making time for club members to do homework. Schoolers can become artists, actors, musicians, and more in our fun Schoolers atmosphere. The Schoolers Club provides students with many enrichment activities and projects that are not often available during their regular school day.

Holly Hill Prvovides:

1. Homework Help

2. Creative Activities

3. Plenty of Fun with Friends

Holly Hill is the place to be cool after school!

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